"Dedrax" Ltd is one of the major producers of printing advertising materials. The print house realizes the full closed cycle of services for the production of magazines and corporate periodicals, leaflets and flyers, brochures and catalogues, printing office materials, posters, calendars, labels and packages, promotional materials and shelves.

Dedrax Ltd offers paper offset printing on two-sided chrome papers (80 - 300 gr./sq.m.), offset (70 - 200 gr./sq.m.), LWC (60 – 90 gr./sq.m.), packaging cardboards (210 – 800 gr./sq.m.), polypropylene, sticker papers, PVC foil, label papers and luxury cardboards, as all formats and weights are available in the company store. Standard inks, pantone colors as well as foil inks are used depending on the paper used. Dedrax’s printing machines cover all possible formats to up to 70/100 cm, which facilitates the selection of a machine, depending on the circulation, color and size of the products.

The print house has exclusively advanced equipment including machines from leading manufacturers such as Man Roland, RYOBI, Muller Martini, Hohner, Wohlenberg, EUROCUTTER etc. The print house has full range of equipment for finishing and bookbinding operations, thus broadening the range of services offered and facilitating the work process via reducing the manual operations.

The huge advantage of the print house of Dedrax Ltd is the full range of finishing operations for achieving a finished product. The services offered by the company include:

  • The huge advantage of the print house of Dedrax Ltd is the full range of finishing operations for achieving a finished product. The services offered by the company include:
  • Bookbinding services
  • Cutting – the three-sided knife and the three straight knives allow the fast and precise cutting in all formats
  • Folding – Dedrax’s folding machines cover the entire range of folded formats, as a 70x100 cm sheet can be folded to A5 format. The high folding speed (some 20000 folds/hour) considerably reduces the production terms. Manual folding is also optional for non-standard small-circulation articles.
  • Saddling and stitching – the saddle-stitching machine allows saddling of up to 9 quires, automatic attachment of the cover and three-sided cutting, wire stitching
  • Composition and overlay – an automated conveyor, featuring quire-composition machine, thermo-overlay binder and three-sided knife, allows 4000 products to be composed, fine cutting, thermo-glued hourly, as the cover is placed and folded automatically
  • Carton production – machines for production of carton articles – die cutter, gluer
  • Stacking – two-sided stacking onto cardboard, corrugated paper peno-cardboard
  • Foil packaging – foil-packaging machine wraps finished produce with foil – individual foil packaging of each copy is available
  • Placing of a spiral – suitable for compilation of catalogues, menus, notebooks, calendars
  • Perforation – needle perforation (appropriate for calendars) and standard perforation
  • Laminating
  • Stamping
  • Numeration – numeration with individual number or combination of letters and digits
  • Non-standard services – production of non-standard ad materials – overlaying of stands and production of displays, placing of strings to mobiles, two-sided sticker and wobbler, compilation of finished packaging produce, scratch lays etc.

The company is one of the first which implemented the print technology “Computer to Plate”, eliminating the process of filmsetting. The quality of this type of printing is much higher and the possibilities for color control – much bigger.
The company has equipment for digital offset printing available for shorter releases and color probes. Dedrax owns Bulgaria’s sole digital machine for full-color two-sided print with printing size of the materials to up to 47.5/1100 mm with a roll width of 500 mm.

Since the beginning of 2007 Dedrax Ltd developed a new segment in the offset printing, oriented to the personalized and secret information. Known as „security printing”, this segment allows the production of large series of cards or other type of materials with varying data whereat using specialized equipment, the secret information is simultaneously printed and covered. As of now the service is not available here and all similar printing materials are produced abroad.

Dedrax Ltd has its own filmsetting studio as well as other pre-print services. During the last years the equipment available is continuously upgraded as of 31.08.2007 it facilitates three filmsetting machines covering the entire range of polygraph formats. All machines are produced by the world leader Linotype-Hell/Heidelberg. The studio is equipped with the necessary high quality equipment for a full cycle of pre-print services including scanning and text editing, pre-print, color probes, filmsetting, color laser print and wide format print.

The pre-print studio at the print house offers the full range of standard pre-print services as well as specialized services as digital color probes, which are significantly cheaper than the cromalin probes and have the advantage of shorter production periods and maximum precision of the details and colors. Those probes are made on a wide-format printer Epson Stylus Pro 7500, which is ideal for manufacturing of small-circulation and individual posters, newssheets, stickers, personalization of materials etc.

The print house is equipped with Heidelberg and Man Roland offset machines, which are calibrated to the digital exposition machine, the printer for digital probes and the monitors at the pre-print stations, which guaranties the conformity of the color values at each work stage. The control of the colors is guarantied further by the usage of a specter-density meter.