Corporate Calendar

The Corporate Calendar of BILLBOARD Plc was elaborated in compliance with the provisions of the Law on Public Offering of Securities, Regulation No2 of the Financial Supervision Commission as of Sept. 17th 2003 for the Prospectuses in Case of Public Offering of Securities and Admission to Trading on a Regulated Market and on the Disclosure of Information from Public Companies and Other Issuers of Securities and in pursuance of the recommendations of the National Corporate Governance Code.

The purpose of this Calendar is to present information on the most essential corporate events for the company, the responsible persons and the advisable terms for implementation of the activities.

In the event that any changes in the company’s activities occur and any necessity for disclosure of wider range of public information arises, the Board of Directors of BILLBOARD Plc will make the necessary amendments in the Corporate Calendar and will respectively inform the shareholders, potential investors, stakeholders as well as the financial journalists and analysts through announcement of the information to the Financial Supervision Commission and the public under the procedure, provided by law.