Shareholding structure

The capital of Billboard JSC is at the amount of 7 500 000 levs, distributed in 7 500 000 nominal dematerialized shares with voting rights. All shares issued by the company are the same class. ISIN emission code: BG1100088076

Shareholding structure

Акционерна структура на дружеството

Registration of commerce of BFB – Sofia JSC

The securities emission of Billboard JSC is registered for commerce “Informal share market“ segment “A” of BFB – Sofia JSC via a decision of the CoD of BFB – Sofia JSC as per minutes of meeting No 05/15.02.2008.
The company acquired market code is BOARD.
The date of implementation of emission trading is 20.02.2008.
In view of the implementation of the new trade system of “BFB – Sofia” JSC - Xetra, since 16.06.2008 the acquired market code of the emmission of shares of Billboard JSC is 5ВР.

Data for the commerce with company shares

Data for the trading of company shares can be found on the website of BSE - Sofia.