Billboard JSC meets the highest standard of contemporary design for development of artistic advertising environment and is oriented to the production of wide format digital print of visual advertising materials. It has a team of about 100 highly qualified specialists in the field of wide format printing supporting the perfect performance of the order on all levels of its implementation.

The exclusively quality and advanced technology, the excellent machinery including VUTEK UltraVu 3360; VUTEK UltraVu 5330; VUTEK UltraVu 2600; HP DesignJet 9000ps, HP DesignJet Z6100, Z3100, TextileJet, VUTEK UltraVu 200/600W+, Vutek UltraVu 200/600 SC, HP Scitex TurboJet Digital Press, enables top quality of development of different products such as: billboards, banners, megaboards, posters, city light posters, stickers, pictures, car graphics, floor graphics, events decoration, building wrapping, shop window graphics, exhibition stalls, internal decoration, flags, plate print, POS advertising, decorations.

  • Billboards
  • Megaboards
  • Posters
  • Banners
  • City lights
  • Stickers
  • Pictures
  • Car graphics
  • Floor graphics
  • Building wrapping
  • Shop window graphics
  • Exhibitions
  • Internal decoration
  • Flags
  • Plate printing
  • POS advertising
  • POP advertising
  • Decorations
  • 3D graphics
  • Events decoration

All market advantages of the group, the high quality of work as well as the extremely good awareness of the Bulgarian market have provided Billboard JSC with the faith of over 3 000 loyal customers.

Amongst the corporate customers are: Coca Cola, Pepsi, Nestle, Kraft, Shell, OMV, KFC, Praktiker, Benetton, Max&Co, Beiersdorf, McDonald’s, Carlsberg, Metro Cash&Carry, Mr.Bricolage, Billa, as well as the Bulgarian MobilTel, BTC, SIS Industries, DZI, Zagorka, Kamenitza, Euromarket, Post Bank etc.

The company is a desired partner for the leading advertising agencies in the country such as New Moment New Ideas Company, DDB Sofia, Ogilvi & Mather Adv., Publicis Mark Group, Zenith Media, Zak, Leo Burnett, Huts J.W.Tompson, TBWA, BARS Adv., Kres, DeConi, BSS etc.